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Brooklyn, granddaughter of MaryAnn, a ConAgra Foods employee

Millions of children live in households where there is not consistent access to food throughout the year. At ConAgra Foods, we know the power of food and the difference it can make in a child’s education, health and life. Delivering everyday food in extraordinary ways means ensuring children have access to and knowledge about food, putting solutions to child hunger within reach.

The ConAgra Foods Foundation began its journey in the fight against child hunger in 1993 by investing in the national expansion of Kids Cafe after-school feeding programs. Since that time, our Foundation has infused more than $60 million into leading anti-hunger non-profit organizations that align with our purpose and goals:

  • Pursuing sustainable solutions that increase food security among children and help families maximize their food resources
  • Providing kids and families with innovative nutrition and food skills education that is culturally relevant and leads to behavior change
  • Enhancing organizational capacity and knowledge to serve more people in a more efficient way
  • Building a community of people who are passionate about ending child hunger and inspiring them to get involved

We are doing our part to make a difference through the power of food — one child, one meal, one champion at a time.

ConAgra Foods Foundation is dedicated to effectively working with grassroots organizations to address child hunger and nutrition education needs in local communities. Since 2009, the Foundation has invested more than $1.4 million in 35 nonprofits across the country through the Community Impact Grants Program. We have learned a tremendous amount about program design, strategy, and best practices for delivering high-quality, innovative solutions for communities in the fight against child hunger. The Foundation will use the next year to evaluate and reassess the Community Impact Grants Program.

ConAgra Foods Foundation will not conduct a call for Letters of Interest in January 2014 and no Community Impact Grants will be awarded for FY15 (June 2014-May 2015). Please check back in December 2014 for updated information on the Community Impact Grants Programs. We wish all community partners continued success in their endeavors over the next year.

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