Even More Reasons To Feel Good About The Food You Love

Good food today goes beyond outstanding taste, nutrition and supporting a balanced lifestyle. We believe that great food comes from brands that have an unwavering dedication to doing what's right for all, which means giving back to communities, sourcing ingredients in a responsible way and being a caretaker of the environment. It also means that growth should not come at any cost.

That's why we created our Good Food, Stronger Communities and Better Planet focus areas to drive robust environmental and social impact initiatives. We bring these commitments to life by embedding integrity into our sustainable business practices and developing innovative programs that deliver on our promise of being a leading corporate and community citizen. Our areas of focus reflect what is most important to you, our stakeholders, and where we have the most impact as a business.

In recognition of this journey and our achievements to-date, ConAgra Foods has earned a place on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) North America for the past six years. Assessing the world's largest companies, DJSI identifies sustainability leaders by measuring economic, environmental and social performance. We understand that this is a journey where now, more than ever, our social and environmental performance is directly tied to business results.

  • Coming Together To End Child Hunger

    Food is not something a child should have to worry about, but in America more than 15 million children face this challenge throughout the year, especially during times they're away from school. This lack of nourishment has negative impacts on their health and development, ability to learn, and overall happiness.

    By applying the same passion we have for great food toward eliminating child hunger, we are proud to serve as a force for good that can help change the lives of children and their families across the country.

    Through nonprofit partnerships for over 20 years and millions of dollars in support, the ConAgra Foods Foundation has put children's hunger solutions within reach. From people nationwide joining us in the fight, to employee participation, to donating our products, we are constantly inspired by the opportunity to create better lives for kids across the country.

  • The Planet In Focus — Our 2020 Sustainability Vision

    With the world population predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2050, the sustainability of agriculture and how we make food is critically important. Our 2020 Sustainability Vision provides a road map for the next steps in addressing this challenge. First, we're focused on minimizing resource use — energy, water and materials — to improve efficiency in our operations. Second, we're collaborating with our network of suppliers and farmers on sustainable sourcing to ensure long-term resource availability.

    Annually, we celebrate the teams and people behind the year's most innovative and impactful sustainability projects through our Sustainable Development Awards program. This year, over 80 projects were submitted that improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, conserved water and eliminated waste — all while delivering over $70 million in savings. Every effort our employees make to bring our sustainability vision to life marks progress toward these important goals.