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Which may be why you'll find our food in 99 percent of America's homes. We know you count on our food every day, and we're committed to earning your trust with every meal.

Mirabella, family member of Michael,
a ConAgra Foods employee

From Hunt's® tomatoes to Banquet® to DAVID® seeds, our family of brands serves up food people love.

Spring into light, delicious dinners

Pasta salads are perfect for potlucks and picnics, but did you know they can be delicious for dinner, too? Take weeknight dinners to the lighter side this season with a little help from the ReadySetEatTM Pasta Salad recipe collection.

From our classic BLT Pasta Salad to an Antipasto Pasta Salad inspired by the flavors of Italy, each recipe in our collection is simple to prepare and simply delicious! And best of all—you can get each one on the table in 30 minutes or less!

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2014: What’s in store for your grocery store?

Watch for changes on your grocery store shelves as we head into 2014, according to Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, who works closely with ConAgra Foods to predict trends in food and shopping.

"How consumers interact with their food and favorite brands will continue to evolve … in 2014," Lempert says. "Shoppers are looking for convenient, healthful and satisfying food for themselves and their families, and brands will rise to meet these demands through product innovation and the use of mobile technology to make shopping faster and more convenient."

How else might your supermarket experience change? Watch for more:

  • Better-for-you, on-the-go snacks
  • Semi-homemade meals with fresh-tasting, high-quality ingredients
  • "Feel-good" shopping, as consumers support brands that contribute to worthy causes, such as ConAgra Foods' Child Hunger Ends Here®

Want the full lineup of our Top 10 food trend predictions for 2014?

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Lovingly prepared, one at a time

Just what makes a Marie Callender's® pie so special? Maybe it's the premium ingredients we use during each careful step. Our intricate lattice crust that's stretched by hand, one pie at a time. Or our other special signature touches, like our hand-peaked meringue.

But what really makes our pies so uniquely special are the dedicated Pie Queens who craft each one with care.

Meet One of Our Pie Queens

We are more than just employees. We're dedicated innovators, 36,000+ strong, working to bring you everyday food in extraordinary ways.

"We plant a seed, give it water, watch it grow."

Ever wonder where Hunt's® tomatoes get that fresh, delectable, vine-ripened flavor? It starts in sunny Oakdale, Ca., the perfect climate for the finest tomatoes. There, second- and third-generation farmers like Frank Coelho work the land, picking tomatoes at the peak of freshness and sending them on from their fields to your table.

"The nutrients come out of the soil, then they're ripened by the sun, and they're delivered directly from the field to the canneries," says Coelho of the process, which—with no chemicals or artificial preservatives—makes Hunt's tomatoes 100% natural.

Meet the Hunt's farmers, and learn a little more about how they tend and harvest the tomatoes you love.

Meet the farmers

"There's a lot of pride with our people."

It's coming on 100 years since Hector Boiardi first served up what would become his signature Italian cooking. Since then, Chef Boyardee® has become an iconic brand with a storied history — and that story lives on in present-day Milton, Pa., where they recently celebrated 75 years of making Chef Boyardee at the facility.

Employees can recall a time when the Chef himself walked out on the line and lent his hand to cooking up classic pasta and hearty sauces for his spaghetti, ravioli and more. Today, the tradition continues with a family of folks who take pride in preparing really great food — from a really great chef.

Meet The People Of Chef Boyardee

"You become a family here."

What's at the heart of a great company? In the case of ConAgra Foods, it's our beloved brands rich with history and the more than 36,000 people who help make them, each with a story to tell.

From Orville Redenbacher's® to Egg Beaters®, and Marie Callender's® to Peter Pan®, our people make the food you love, and their stories make up the story of ConAgra Foods.

Find out what makes our people so much like family.

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Making food people love is just the beginning. Take a look at some of the ways we show the world a little love, too.

Fight child hunger with hunger. It starts with a code.

Nearly 16 million children face hunger in the U.S.* For 20 years, ConAgra Foods® has been working with Feeding America® to change that. More than one in five children* and more than one in four Latino children* in this country might not know where their next meal is coming from. Child Hunger Ends Here® gives you a simple way to have an impact through our brands in the fight against child hunger.

Look for our 20 participating ConAgra Foods brands with the red pushpin and code. Go to ChildHungerEndsHere.com and enter codes. 1 code = 1 meal donated. Together, we can reach our goal this year to donate 5 million meals** to Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic relief organization, with a network of 200 member food banks throughout the U.S.

Learn more

* USDA ERS, Household Food Security in the United States in 2012, Sept. 2013

** Enter the 8-digit code found on participating products. For every ConAgra Foods code entered, ConAgra Foods will donate 11.1¢, the cost for Feeding America to provide one meal through its network of local food banks. ConAgra Foods codes must be entered by 8/28/14. ConAgra Foods will donate up to 5 million meals with a guaranteed minimum donation of 1 million meals ($111,111). Limit 5 code entries per person/computer each day. See ChildHungerEndsHere.com for complete details and a list of participating brands. Valid in U.S. and Puerto Rico only. © ConAgra Foods, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

"We know the power of food and the difference it can make in the life of a child."

Did you know that hunger in America impacts nearly 16 million children? That’s more than 1 in 5 kids, including 1 in 4 Latino children in the U.S. For 20 years, ConAgra Foods and the ConAgra Foods Foundation have been committed to the fight against child hunger, working in partnership with nonprofits such as Feeding America®, the nation’s largest domestic relief organization with a network of 200 member food banks throughout the U.S.

To date, ConAgra Foods has donated more than 330 million pounds of food to food banks and the Foundation has donated more than $60 million to anti-hunger nonprofit organizations, and we’re committed to keeping up the fight. Watch our video and find out how ConAgra Foods is helping Hungry Kate, who’s just one of the millions of children affected by child hunger.

Then share her story and inspire others to help out, too.

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ConAgra Foods announces 2014
Sustainable Development Awards.

It was a banner year for results of the 2014 ConAgra Foods Sustainable Development Awards. Through 85 entries into the awards, ConAgra Foods was able to:

  • Conserve 820 million gallons of water
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 9,500 metric tons
  • Reduce landfill waste by 10,500 tons
  • Optimize and improve packaging, while using 7.8 million pounds less material

This year’s results exhibit the company’s commitment to sustainable development, delivered more than $30 million in savings and marked the single largest water savings the company has seen to date.

“Each year, I continue to be impressed with the ingenuity and imagination of our employees who drive these projects to completion,” said Gail Tavill, vice president of Sustainable Development at ConAgra Foods.

These internal awards have been held each year since 1992 to encourage and reward employees who find ways to eliminate waste, conserve water and reduce energy usage.

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